Premarital & Postmarital Agreements

Whether you are contemplating marriage or domestic partnership, it is often wise to draft a prenuptial agreement or preliminary partnership agreement to spell out rights and responsibilities in the event of a break-up or divorce. Without a prenuptial agreement, a marriage contract puts into place certain rights that are predetermined by Michigan law.

To learn how you and your fiance can exert control over the extent of your own marriage contract,contact Dagher Law today.

Many people are under the impression that prenuptial agreements are mainly of interest to wealthy people with complicated financial portfolios. However, even people with modest incomes and assets have a great deal at stake when entering into a marriage or domestic partnership. Through a prenup, you can clearly articulate how you and your partner or fiance intend for property to be distributed in the event that a marriage dissolves.

Sometimes a postnuptial agreement is of interest to married people who are starting a business or receiving an inheritance, for example. Whether you are concerned about an inheritance, a business, property rights of your children from a previous marriage, or any other asset protection concern, contact a premarital agreement lawyer at Dagher Law today.