Government & Regulatory Affairs

In today’s complex world, federal, state and local legislation, regulations and agency policy increasingly affect the interests of corporations, associations, governments and individuals. In this arena, Dagher Law helps our clients accomplish objectives, comply with regulations, and manage legislative and administrative processes along the way.

You can count on us for knowledgeable guidance with federal departments and agencies and before state legislative and regulatory authorities. Our practice integrates our sophisticated understanding of the legislative and regulatory process and our clients’ goals in developing successful strategies. We have extensive knowledge of agency regulations, policies and procedures and an understanding of how governmental action can influence our clients’ business concerns.

In conjunction with our government relations efforts, we provide our clients with advice concerning compliance with federal and state laws regulating election and campaign political activity, fund-raising, and contributions. We review city, state and federal legislation and combine broad legal knowledge with effective advocacy techniques to help clients understand government policy, critical to survival in a regulated environment.

Our lawyers represent clients before legislative and executive bodies in both formal and informal proceedings relating to ethics, energy, solid waste, real estate, privatization, taxation, technology, the environment and health care. We also represent clients during contract negotiations and at hearings and help draft legislative testimony.

We also develop and implement strategies for clients who need to obtain public funding or who need assistance with an administrative or regulatory matter in the local, state or federal milieu. Throughout the process, you stay informed of changes that could affect your business interests or decisions.

We know that political, legislative and governmental issues can often arise as obstacles in achieving your goals, and our attorneys have sophisticated practices that can handle these pitfalls and help you negotiate the legal and regulatory maze. As a result of our long-term involvement in this field of practice, we have developed an in-depth expertise in governmental regulation that enhances the representation of government entities and the representation of non-government clients concerning regulatory matters.

Dagher Law has a tradition of regional and national experience in serving our clients effectively, competitively, competently and proactively, protecting our clients’ interests and advancing their goals.