Child Custody

Experienced Representation in All Child Custody Matters

When you work with Dagher Law, all reasonable options will be considered along the road to finalization of a court-approved custody order. Shared custody, joint custody, sole custody, and visitation or parenting time schedules are all considered as possible resolutions to the custody question.

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Offering Personal Service and Solid Representation Practical, Realistic, Long-Term Solutions in Family Law

From grandparents' rights to shared custody arrangements, we at DGD Legal are committed to representing the interests of our clients. In addition, we are fully committed to pursuing the best interests of the child in all custody concerns.

The Best Interests of the Child

An in-depth analysis of family relationships is part of the process of deciding what custody arrangements might be in the child's best interests when parents are separated or divorced. Who does the homework with the children? Who picks them up from school? How do children see each parent?

This type of frank discussion of family dynamics works remarkably well in helping parents understand what is best for their children in terms of custody and visitation. Creativity and prioritizing with the goal of ensuring children's ultimate welfare help bring about reasonable proposals. The attorneys at Dagher Law help make parents' visions for their children become a legal reality through negotiation or litigation.

Child Custody Modifications and Enforcement

We understand that custody arrangements frequently need to be modified or enforced, and we are prepared to assist clients in these areas. Modification requests often arise in situations where one parent wants to move away with the child or where the child has aged enough that his or her needs have changed.

It is important that parents understand there are new laws in place that affect relocation requests. At our law firm, we stay up to date of all legislation changes to give our clients the best chance at obtaining a favorable resolution in court.

We also assist clients who are seeking to enforce existing child custody or parenting time arrangements. If your child's other parent is refusing to abide by your order, seek out our assistance.